Underfloor heating is one of the most effective ways of delivering heat from an efficient system. 

Our underfloor system is of a high specification with PE-RT 5 layer pipe, stainless steel manifolds and intelligent controls to provide the complete solution to our customers. (Other piping can be supplied upon request.) 

Furthermore all our underfloor systems are designed with EN1264 software guaranteeing both performance and reliability.

Underfloor systems require heating water of  25 -45°C flow. This flow temperature is ideal for heat pump technology and allows the system to operate within its most efficient temperatures.

Underfloor produces an even radiant heat throughout the room. With this form of heating the floor is the warmest part of the room and the ceiling the coldest. This maximises the felt comfort of the system.

Different areas within a dwelling heat and cool at different rates. This is due to  a number of factors including orientation, windows and use of the area.


With our underfloor systems each significant area within the dwelling will have a programmable digital thermostat and open uncontrolled heating loops are not required.

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