air to water - awh v5+

air to water heat pumps have become the norm for new build and retrofit applications. 

Our v5+ series exhibits a number of advancements which firmly place them at the forefront of this movement and make it a must for any new build or retrofit project.

air to water - awt v5+

the awt v5+ series of heat pumps encompass all the advancements of the AWH with the addition of a build in buffer and hot water tank.

exhaust air - hemera

the hemera is possibly the most efficient way to generate hot water.

The unit utilises air which is normally wasted to generate an abundance of hot water.

The hemera is a must for any home, new build or retrofit.

air to air - aah 5.5p

the aah 5.5p utilises the same technology as our awh and awt models. 

instead of delivering the created heat into water for heating, the aah delivers its energy directly to the air via the indoor unit.

the aah is ideal for providing heating and cooling to suitable areas within the home, office, store or garage.

underfloor Heating

underfloor heating is the ideal partner to an energy efficient heating system.

The low flow temperature of the system delivers a constant level of comfort while maximising the efficiency of the heat pump.

aluminium radiators

while standard radiators can be used with energy efficient systems, aluminium alternatives are far more efficient.

Aluminium radiators require a lower flow temperature and so are more cost effective to heat.

fan coil - fcw & fcf

fan coils can be described as a hybrid between radiators and air con.

Like radiators they require a water feed and like an air con unit they blow the rooms air across a heat exchanger resulting in heating/cooling.

These fan coils can be utilised to heat in the winter and with the AWH units cool in the summer.

controls - stats

control is a vital component of any heating system.


With efficiency and comfort being the goal of any new system the days of time clocks, single stats controlling multiple rooms and single temperature thermostats are/should be a thing of the past.