Our primary goal when designing a system is to ensure it will provide our customers with a comfortable environment. 

To achieve this comfort and real life efficiencies with renewable energies requires a true understanding of how and why systems work effectively. 

Simply  having efficient heating appliances does not directly translate to having an efficient system. The efficiency of a system is reliant upon the principles under which it is designed, installed and operated. 

For these reasons, we pay great attention to how a system will operate and the ancillary components and products used, in addition to the efficiency of the main products themselves.

Furthermore each product and system strategy we utilise undergoes a 2 year real life testing period before being made available to the market.

design principles



Heating and domestic hot water are often coupled together but they are two very different aspects of a system. Modern heating generally requires low temperature water for 7 months a year and domestic hot water, high temperature 24 - 7 - 365.

Using a single unit to provide both, leads to compromise on comfort with choosing priority for heating or hot water and compromise on efficiency especially in times of colder weather conditions.

At ES we supply separate units for heating and hot water, with an external air source heat pump for your heating and an exhaust air unit for hot water generation. Not only does this strategy increase efficiency and comfort, it drastically increases the life span of the system.


The sizing of a system simply means the amount of energy required to heat an area. The calculation depends on a number of factors.

  • Insulation levels

  • Windows size & type

  • Internal wall area

  • External wall area

  • Floor & ceiling area

  • Room height

  • Orientation & Use

By using our bespoke calculator we specify the correct system for your dwelling without the requirement for back up / auxiliary heaters.


Modern efficient systems require modern installation techniques.


All our systems are designed using a centralised manifold which maximises efficiency and simplifies installation. 

The use of this manifold has a number of benefits over traditional methods.

  • Neutral point

  • Deaeration

  • Open bypass

  • Fill & expansion point

  • Flow regulation

  • Safety


Efficient systems require efficient heat emitters. 

At ES we use 3 standard types of heat emitters for new build dwellings; underfloor heating, low temperature aluminium radiators and fan coil units. 

These emitters are designed for low temperature systems and maximise the efficiency of a heat pump system.


Each system design we produce is catered to that specific project and the requirements of the client. 

The heat load calculations, principles and strategies form the back bone of every system design.

When all aspects of the system have been confirmed a final system design is developed to maximise the efficiency  and ensure the clients desired comfort levels are achieved.


with each system we supply a detailed set of mechanical and electrical schematics.

these schematics give the client peace of mind in knowing the system will be installed correctly.

furthermore the installer gains confidence in knowing that despite the complexity of the technology being used the installation is as, if not more, straight forward as any other system they have installed.