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Hot water generation is a key part of any system, especially a domestic one. 

The majority of specified systems incorporate the hot water and heating into a single unit. At ES we separate the hot water from the heating system.

We do this because the all in one system means that priority has to be given to either hot water or heating. 

At ES we believe that when purchasing a modern system this type of compromise should not be necessary.

In addition a heating season is a 7 month period, where as hot water is required 24-7-365 and so it should be produced in the most efficient way possible.

At ES we believe that your hot water system should provide you with all your hot water requirements economically, without any compromises.

The HEMERA hot water system does just that.

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In new dwellings, solar thermal, solar PV and/or external heat pump units are often utilised to generate hot water.
These technologies are more efficient than traditional means but they also have their downfalls;

●    Reliant on the weather
●    Use immersions
●    Require back up
●    Increased running costs

The HEMERA system is 100% independent and does not have these downfalls or restrictions.​


The HEMERA hot water system was developed to deliver an abundance of hot water all year round. 

The HEMERA system uses a consistent source of energy as its main fuel source to efficiently generate hot water, latent/waste air.

As a result the HEMERA produces hot water 24-7-365 for just 460 watts per operating hour.


Through a process most easily described as reverse refrigeration the HEMERA captures and recycles heat energy to generate an abundance of hot water. In existing dwellings, bathrooms and kitchens are often the most suitable areas from which to recycle this energy.

In a new build the HEMERA can be connected to the expel of the heat recovery system and recover energy which is normally lost to generate hot water. Another method frequently used is to allocate a wet room for the unit to extract from which would otherwise be utilised by the heat recovery. 

Step by Step

The HEMERA consists of a 300 litre cylinder with the integrated pump mechanism on top. 

The HEMERA holds a constant 300 liters of hot water. 

  • When water is drawn off, air (energy) is extracted from the selected area & passed through a heat exchanger. 

  • The heat within this air is transferred to refrigerant gas 134A. 

  • The gas is compressed into a high temperature vapour and sent around the cylinder in an external coil. 

  • The heat energy contained within the gas is transferred to the water within the cylinder. 

  • This cycle continues until the full volume of water has been brought back to the set temperature and the unit turns off.​



Businesses which generate heat by nature such as Deli's, bakeries, hair salons etc are ideally suited for this system

The hemera unit will extract the excess heat, generate an abundance of hot water and can deliver cooling back to the area.

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new build

the hemera is the perfect solution for new builds offering hot water 24/7 - 365.

The unit can extract latent heat from a wet room or the exhaust air from the heat recovery system.

The cool air byproduct may be ducted back to provide cooling for those summer months



The hemera system is stand alone, does not require any back up, does not rely on external weather conditions, provides 100% of your hot water requirements and is generally installed in a single day.

Is there any system better suited for retrofit?