commercial DESIGN

at es we have a true understanding of how and why renewable energies work.

as a result our solutions have been installed into a variety of commercial applications from country houses, hotels, large scale factories, supermarkets, convenience stores, off grid islands, hair salons, and many more.

The key aspect of designing a new or retrofitted commercial system is understanding how to maximise the potential of the renewable products in any and all applications.

hot water & Heating



one of our most frequent commercial solutions is the HEMERA hot water system.

This unit simply extracts heat from a given area and utilises its energy to generate an abundance of hot water.

Standard installations of this unit include bakeries, delis and hair salons.

salon 2.png



when it comes to the heating of large commercial buildings we take the modular approach.

Instead of installing large units with large outputs we specify a system made up of smaller units.

the purpose of this strategy is;


maximise efficiency  

a number of smaller modulating units will be able to finely vary their output to match the requirement precisely.


purchasing and installing a smaller units is more cost effective €  / kW produced. Furthermore the cost and ease of maintenance  is far less than that of larger units.


while the reliability of our units is second to none, if the unthinkable happened and a breakdown occurs a large unit will simply stop working leaving the business without any form of heat.


With the modular approach however the remaining units will continue to work and so prevent loss of revenue. Furthermore due to the components for these units are always in stock and so repair is rapid

outside the box

when it comes to commercial systems, issues and solutions we often have to think outside of the box. Below is a small sample of when and how we have utilised our expertise and products to their full potential.


issue - A hospital was having issue with a boiler room over heating and setting off heat alarms.

solution - we supplied a hemera hot water cylinder. This cylinder took the heat from the boiler room and converted it into hot water. The cold air byproduct of the process was then recirculated back into the boiler room drastically reducing the temperature within.

The issue was solved by this alone however we went one step further by connecting the hospitals secondary return system into the hemera tank. by doing this the standing losses on the return were removed and the large boilers no longer came on to replace these losses yielding an extremely short ROI

Office building

issue - over heating of server room

Solution - We installed an air to air unit to provide cooling to the room which in itself would be perfectly suitable. However we decided to utilise this somewhat free heat. We installed a ducting system which activated when the room reached a set temperature. When activated the fan extracted the heat from this room and delivered it into a large office which was cold by nature. The air to air unit was then set at a higher temperature so as to ensure the room never exceeded its desired temperatures. (filters & fire dampers were fitted)


issue - steam boilers over heating with risk of electrical failure

Solution - even with louver doors the temperature often reached 50C within the boiler room. To remove this we installed a heat pump which would circulate over 2000 m3 of air per hr. The hot water output of the heat pump was then combined with the heat output from a heat exchanger on the factorys compressor to deliver heat to a large storage area.